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Facilitation Zap

Jazz up your facilitation skills with an enjoyable one-day workshop full of cool, fun facilitation techniques and tricks to transform the creativity of any group, magnify their genius and generate original, innovative ideas and solutions.

You'll walk away with the skills to practice these methods the next time you facilitate a workshop or meeting.

There is a serious purpose too: surprising, left-field ideas are EXACTLY the ones we need to create irresistibly engaging projects. When we burst the balloon of "same-old" we excite people, create new possibilities and spread optimism that it's possible to break out of the straightjacket of predictability.

Unexpected solutions are also essential to tackle the seemingly intractable problems the real world faces. As Einstein famously said: "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." The ability to generate innovative, unconventional ideas is a vital skill for anyone tackling tricky health or environmental problems.

The day includes a crash course in Innovation Thinking, including how to set boundaries for the innovation process.

This workshop assumes you have done some facilitation and have upcoming facilitation challenges that would benefit from some creative zap. It would be neat if you've already done Facilitation Skills training, but it's not necessary.

Yummy lunch and 30 page training manual provided.

The Wodonga City Healthy Living team generated an innovative community grants process using the "If not, then what?" method, in a single 40 minute workshop.

Open workshops in Sydney and Melbourne, OCTOBER 2015

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In-house workshops

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What we'll cover

Some of the techniques we'll pack in are:

  • Passion Mashing

  • If not, then what? [the world's most powerful innovation method]

  • Reversal technique

  • Rapid Project Generator Plus

  • Preliminaries and props

  • Ice-breakers and energisers

About the presenter

Les Robinson is a specialist in community change and one of Australia's most engaging facilitators.

"Les is a great facilitator, excellent attitude and I appreciate the way he keeps things on track, interesting, fun and practical. Best facilitation I've seen in my year in this job!!" - NRM facilitator, Gippsland

What they say about Les's workshops

"Terrific - lively, engaging, informative and highly useful."
- Environmental educator, NSW

"Well done Les! Most valuable part was giving me a framework and structure that will allow me to build and own as my own."
- Facilitator, Wellington, NZ

"Fantastic! The manual will be the holy grail for a lot of us when it comes time to facilitate."
- NRM manager, Queensland

"Informative and valuable. On target for what is needed in our jobs."
- NRM officer, Victoria

"Upbeat, collaborative, energising."
- health promotion officer, NSW

"Fabulous. Gave me a structure to work in and a better understanding of how to engage people and get the best outcomes."
- Council planner, Victoria

"Found the focus on participants' prior (unknown) knowledge a wonderful way of opening people to their inherent skill."
- Environmental educator, Victoria

"Great! I've learnt a lot about how to communicate with community groups and how to confidently prepare myself."
- engineer, water utility, Vic