mad scientist1) Your manager won’t let you do creative stuff.
2) Your organisation isn’t innovative.
3) You don’t have time or money to do interesting projects.
4) Your workmates will think you’re crazy.
No, seriously, if your manager won’t let you do creative stuff, don’t do this workshop. You’ll get frustrated and say it’s all my fault for leading you up the garden path.
But if your manager is cool, then here’s what it’s about:
First: it equips participants to design community engagement projects that humans will positively want to engage in.
Second: it’s about processes that suit any purpose, from corporate planning to community development. Or sustainability or transport planning or health promotion. Or a workplace project. Or a youth project. Wherever you have an audience to engage.
Third: it’s fun. Because joy and creativity are inseparable.
Fourth: it’s a bit of a primer on design thinking (a la the IDEO approach), on the creative process (a la James Webb Young) and the psychology of change (a la Les Robinson’s Changeology).
Why is creativity vital for engagement? Because engagement means being noticed, creating buzz, and have people ‘come and play’ with your offering.
People notice your offering and talk about it when you surprise them – when you break their stereotype about what to expect. And they come and play when you offer value in their terms, which often means promising pleasure and delight as well as credible solutions to their needs.
So surprise is a key to engagement, and surprise requires, by definition, surprising ourselves, and that requires creativity. Can anyone be creative? Actually, it’s hard for individuals to surprise themselves but, with a few facilitation tricks, it’s easy for groups. That’s what this workshop is about.
The dates are:
Melbourne 4 November 2016
Sydney 7 November 2016
Full details:
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