Making change for good, by Les Robinson.

Les's training workshops

In-house training workshops

Les delivers these professional development workshops in-house to all levels of government, and private organisations.

Changeology (1 day face-to-face / 2 mornings zia Zoom)

The complete hands-on course on the tools and practice for designing behaviour change programs targeting the community, business, landholders – anyone in fact.
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Facilitation Skills (1 day face-to-face / 2 mornings zia Zoom)

Improve your confidence to facilitate any group with this one-day intensive on the skills, tools and tips to plan a group session, manage conflict, and get results from group processes.
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Passion Mashin’ (1 day face-to-face / 2 mornings zia Zoom)

Reinvigorate your volunteer group; grow your membership; learn proven, simple, low-cost techniques to spread your message; and win the hearts and minds of potential new members.
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Plan it together (1.5 days live / 3 mornings via Zoom)

Equips you to plan and execute successful community consultation and collaborative planning projects. This course has proven very popular with planners in councils and state agencies.
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