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Upcoming workshops for community engagers

Changeology X: Project Makers' Master Class

For those designing behaviour change projects in waste management, sustainability, obesity prevention, healthy living, road safety, emergency management, and NRM.

This enjoyable 2 day workshop gives you the concepts, tools, processes and inspirations to proceed with confidence. You'll walk away with an innovative design for your next real life project, down to engaging tactics and messages people can't say "no" to!

Note that Changeology X (version 10) is a comprehenisve rewrite and 'upgrade' of the Changeology toolkit.

Sydney: 12-13 October 2015
Melbourne: 20-21 October 2015
Yummy lunch and full training manual provided.
Full details and booking.

Facilitation Skills: Facilitate any gathering with confidence

Facilitation is a change maker's core skill. Les shares the skills and tools to positively facilitate almost any group in almost any situation. Includes facilitating for creativity.

Sydney: 15 October 2015
Melbourne: 22 October 2015
Yummy lunch and full training manual provided.
Full details and booking.

New resources for change makers

Outcomes, objectives, blah blah...
The terminology of project design is life-drainingly managerial and colourless. Here is a suite of more self-explanatory terms.
The language of project design.

"Seriously, friends, we need to talk."
There's a problem with the way we design change projects: "Change Project Management 101" is holding us back. There's a better way.
Why "Surprise yourself!" is the missing magic.

Comfy Zone Diagnostic Tool
Decisions, decisions, and so much to think about! This simple tool reminds project designers about the full range of behaviour change strategies available to them and when they should be used.
Download the tool (152k PDF).

Les explains the key ideas in Changeology
in this succinct interview with Rob Hopkins of the UK Transition Network.

Les shows how to use the awesome "If not, then what?" method
It's a way to generate a host of convention-busting ideas amazingly quickly. From the fun session at the North East Landcare Forum 2013.


Real-time project-based coaching

Get Les!

Change the world in your own time, with Les Robinson as your friendly coach, using the complete Changeology SELF-DRIVE online project development toolset.
Full details.

What's new

So what's Changeology? In just one picture...

Michelle Walker, of Curious Minds, cleverly sketched this one-page snapshot using "visual thinking". So many of the key Changeology concepts are here! Click for a full-size image.

A better (and funner) way to do community grants

Les is working with Victorian councils to radically innovate the process of community grants, with marvellous results. A snapshot.

The changeology of waste
and recycling

Download an inspiring slideshow about what works in influencing household waste and recyclng behaviours. (2.4Mb PDF)

Expand your mind with Changeology ideas, resources, and real life case studies on Les's BLOG and

LinkedIn Group.

Most read articles

The problem with Social Marketing - why you can't sell change like soap
This paper presents a critique of Social Marketing. Why the answer to "wicked" problems requires different approaches. The paper. (140k PDF)

Enabling Change: the process and the theory
Here is the step-by-step methodology and the theoretical background to the Enabling Change method of program design.
The Enabling Change process (260k PDF)
5 Doors Theory (147k PDF). 5 Doors diagram (12k PDF).

Introduction to the Diffusion of Innovations
A succinct introduction to the model of change that focuses on innovation design, viral communications, and satisfying the needs of users. Download (259k PDF)
[This article is very popular. It gets downloaded about 4,000 times a month.]

the book

“An enjoyable, inspiring crash course in social change thinking.”

What it's all about.
And where to get it.

“I help teams and organisations to...

I sit down with you to devise 'long fix' solutions to tricky social, health and environmental challenges.

I facilitate the collective brilliance of teams, workshops, and conferences.

I expand people's skills in change management, facilitation, innovation and change thinking.

I provide lots of labour-saving tools to improve decision-making.

- Les Robinson

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