Hi folks!6-dim_cube.png
I thought I’d share a tool to design community and staff engagement activities. It’s called the “6-dimensional enchanting event constructor”.
Here’s the idea: I’ve gradually become convinced that the #1 rule for successful community engagement is to be, well, engaging! In other words, to design initiatives that are buzzworthy, fun, game-like, social and tasty (as well as important) – the kind of things we would want to “come and play” with even if we weren’t being paid.
When I see teams designing engagement projects under pressure, the first thing that tends to suffer is their ability to remember ideas they already know are engaging and fun. This seems like a small matter, but it effectively destroys their capacity for creativity, because creativity is all about mixing and matching existing ideas. As a result the solution is often just “another workshop”.
So this tool aims to be a memory-jogger. You can use it as a team activity, with pairs of people assembling alternatives then presenting them to the group.
(Use the attached PDF which has instructions, not just the image above.)
Hope you find it useful.
Best wishes
– Les
P.S. This is version 1 – let me know if you can see any ways to improve it. Remember that it’s not meant to contain EVERY possible idea, just enough to wake up our imaginations.