A facilitator’s job is to “give the gift of structure”. So, arguably, a good facilitation plan is at the heart of a happy, productive event.

Here is a model checklist for planning a workshop, forum or summit.

I seriously regret not including this in my training until now. So, to make up for it, I’ve piled many years of hard-learnt savvy into a one-pager for graduates and colleagues.

There are big red circles around the items I’ve found to make a huge difference, but are easy to forget. (Even last week I let a speaker into an online workshop without briefing them, and, of course, they bored everyone with fantastic amounts of irrelevant detail… I kicked myself.)

I love checklists – they can be fabulous repositories of practical knowledge.

This checklist is optimised for a large-scale multi-stakeholder strategic forum, but it will work for a humble training event as well – any gathering that aims to bring minds together for a purpose. 

It’s a long one-pager… maybe you can print it out and sticky-tape the two pieces together to make a little wall poster.

And please pass it on – the world needs more skilled facilitators.

Download the PDF here: www.enablingchange.com.au  (there is nice set of facilitation resources developing here.)

Warm regards – Les