For years, I’ve been asking people what they remember from Day 1 of Changeology.  Here’s the top 8:

– The shock at realising they’ve been unconsciously belittling their listeners, for years

– Suddenly getting that “denial is the sound that anxiety makes”

– Realising that “we don’t need to explain why to do a new thing, just how to do it”

– Realising that “people literally talk themselves into change” (i.e. it’s not enough for people to passively read about it or watch videos)

– Seeing how the bell curve nicely matches people and tactics

– Excited about how easily a properly devised brainstorm pops out good solutions

– Realising that people are never empowered by “problem talk” (they need “solution talk”)

– Finding out how to peel a Post-it note so it doesn’t curl.

What challenges me about this is that people mostly aren’t focusing on the tools and processes (that I love), but on their own forehead-slapping, assumption-challenging, “mental flips”.

I like that people walk away thinking differently. We’re always told to beware of our unconscious assumptions. But, of course, it’s impossible to do that unless we mentally grabble with the alternatives. We need a special space to experiment with new ideas and hear ourselves talking about them! I guess that’s why workshops are transformative in a way that passive media isn’t.

Best wishes

– Les

Here are the details for the next Changeology workshops:

Melbourne  10-11 September

Sydney 20-21 September

These workshops suit sustainability, health promotion, early years intervention, road safety, emergency management, workplace change and business transformation.

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