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Workplace behaviour change

Become an effective change maker in the workplace. For team leaders, managers and champions.

This intensive, hands-on one day workshop equips you to:

  • Motivate your staff to adopt sustainable behaviours

  • Devise effective projects and group efforts to implement sustainable actions

  • Develop compelling communications to spread the word in your workplace.

This workshop focuses on what it takes to influence the adoption of sustainable behaviours in the workplace.

It focuses on practical skills of team leadership, facilitation, project design and communication, illustrated with scores of case studies from Australian businesses.

The workshop was first developed for the Sustainability Advantage Program, Office of Environment and Heritage, NSW Government, and has since been delivered to champions and managers in scores of businesses in NSW and Victoria.

What the workshop covers

(1) People, motivation and change

You'll understand how to mobilise the three components of staff motivation (a.k.a. "staff engagement"):

Inspiration: being given a chance to step up to interesting, challenging or worthwhile work, or praise for a work well done.

Autonomy: being trusted, asked and listened to, including contributing to significant decisions and being allowed to make their own decisions.

Enablement: equipping and support people to act through executive support, rewards, enjoyment, goals, feedback, and a buddy or a supportive team. In the case of executives it includes credible analysis of risk and return.

We also learn how to reduce denial and resistance by expanding people's comfort zones.

(2) Facilitating an enabling conversation

An enabling or empowering conversation creates a space for people to talk, positively, about what they would like to change and how that change could be achieved.

(3) Selecting a focal behaviour

A journey to sustainability starts with a one new behaviour. We use a simple tool to identify where to start the journey to sustainability in a particular workplace.

(4) Rapid Project Generator

A powerful collaborative tool for rapid project design.

(5) Devising an invitation

How to create engaging communications that staff can't say "no" to.

For bookings and enquiries

To book in-house training email Les Robinson at:


or phone him on 0414 674 676

Cooking up workplace behaviour change

What influences the adoption of new workplace behaviours? Instead of challenging employees' comfort zones, it's better to expand them. This briefing shows the factors that work. The workshop shows how to create them in your workplace.

One page summary.

Full presentation with business examples. (590kb PDF)

Originally developed for the Sustainability Advantage Program in NSW, this workshop has since been delivered to scores of businesses in industries including manufacturing, aged care and service clubs.

About the presenter,
Les Robinson

Les Robinson, author of Changeology, How to Enable Groups, Communities and Societies to Do Things they've Never Done Before, was Social Marketing Director at Social Change Media for 10 years.

He is one of Australia's most innovative and stimulating communication trainers and facilitators.

Les's approach distills a wealth of practical project experience together with in-depth research into social and motivational psychology, combined with global research into good practice in the design and evaluation of engagement programs.

"All great deeds and all great thoughts have a ridiculous beginning." - Albert Camus

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