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"I am inspired and brimming with ideas."
- Council manager, NSW

Engagement LAB

Design irresistible community and staff engagement projects

In this stimulating one-day workshop with 'Changeologist' Les Robinson you'll experience ways to design community and workplace engagement projects that people will want to participate in.

And that spread by word-of-mouth.

Along the way you'll discover a wonderful collection of ideas to make it simple, make it fun, go to where people are, make it a game, make it social, and add food.

It can be challenging to engage people nowadays. Their time is precious. There are plenty of competing priorities. Unfamiliarity, alienation, cynicism, busy-ness, the struggle of getting on with life and work - all these things are barriers to people getting involved in important collective efforts.

The solution is to design projects that you would want to participate in too, even if you weren't being paid!

Is there a formula? Yes. There are also some simple team-based innovation processes you can use to devise your next truly engaging project.

Les Robinson presents a unique, enjoyable, blend of innovation design and engagement planning. Packed with outstanding ideas from Australian councils, and from around the world. Including ways to reach hard-to-engage groups.

You'll walk away with a plan for your next engagement project, an abundance of enticing ideas, and ready-to-use tools to use in future projects.

PLUS you'll develop a winning pitch to gain executive support for your plan.

For anyone who needs to engage a community or workplace (which, in local government, includes planners, community services, health promotion staff, asset managemers, sustainability and waste staff and a whole lot more).

Key specifications

LIVE EVENT: 1 day (9.00 am to 4.00 pm)
ONLINE EVENT: 2 mornings (9.00 am to 1.00 pm)

Number of participants:
up to 30


Phone Les Robinson on
0414 674 676

Or email: workshops@enablingchange.com.au

What they say about Engagement LAB

"Incredibly energised and inspired. Imagine if everyone I worked with worked like this."

"As fun as a paddock of baby goats."

"I'm inspired and brimming with ideas. I look forward to implementing new and innovative processes to increase engagement."

"It not only helps be creative but legitimises being creative."


"Reminded me that fun and creativity go hand in hand. No need to be so serious. Good techniques, simple, easy to replicate."

"You have inspired me and given me lots of ideas that I can implement straight away."

"Inspired - no idea is stupid, no idea is worth getting embarrassed by."

The workshop agenda


Adding spice and zest: A cavalcade of innovative engagement methods from Australia and the world

The psychology of engagement

Form teams and decide on real-life projects to develop

Tool 1: 'If Not, then What?' team-based innovation process

Tool 2: Clarify purpose and negotiables

Tool 3: Using personas to map your audience


Tool 4: Rapid Project Planning process (with bells)

Tool 5: Your winning pitch. How you'll create the perfect case to win executive support for your ideas.

In-house workshops

To discuss in-house training email:

or phone 0414 674 676.

About the presenter

"Les seems to be able to draw innovation out of nowhere." - council waste planner

Les Robinson is a specialist in community change and one of Australia's most engaging facilitators.

He's the author of Changeology, How to Enable Groups, Communities and Societies To Do Things They've Never Done Before.

For some years he has delivered Changeology, a popular training workshop on the design of behaviour change programs. Realising that the most common challenge is just to get the community interested, Les has devised this unique 'mashup' of innovation training and engagement training.

"All great deeds and all great thoughts have a ridiculous beginning." - Albert Camus

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