Here are some of the neat ideas I received for the ‘cool ideas callout’ a few months ago.

To everyone who sent in cool ideas: bloody well done! – both for your imagination and courage in breaking the unwritten rules about how we engage communities.

Hope you find these ideas inspiring.

A Regent Honeyeater soundscape, Lithgow

This mural – at the Capertee rest stop – uses a motion-triggered sound system to play the Regent Honeyeater’s call as you walk past. It’s so beautiful, you just have to play with it. (There are only 300 Regent Honeyeaters left.)  

Thanks Viv Howard. This project was supported by Birdlife Australia, Central Tablelands Local Land Services and the National Landcare Program.

Re-loved food is sexy

These fabulous shots show some of Hidden Harvest’s work in changing perceptions about food waste. Their creative, fun, tasty approach is irresistible.

Thanks Berbel Franse. Hidden Harvest is a Wollongong-based NGO group that’s passionate about food waste.

Give nature a voice

These adorable, funny TV ads are a brilliant example of how to use charm and humour to grab and hold attention without causing resistance.  Thanks for the inspiration, Water Corporation (WA).

Young people + creative action = climate adaptation

Banksia Gardens Youth Service, Broadmeadows, empowers young people on climate, by mashing ‘how-to’ workshops with youthful energy, fun and creativity.

CARYA – Climate Adaption Requires Youth Action project

“Bushcare is” – messaging, with a personal touch

“I loved doing this program and loved connecting with the people and seeing their responses.”

Thanks Erin Hall, Blue Mountains City Council. There’s something immensely engaging about the ‘voice’ of passionate lay people – always more honest and touching. We just WANT to read their words.

The Pink Nose Project, PNG

A genius, hi-viz idea that gives instant character and buzzworthiness to a project. It announces that women surfers are a cool, happening thing in PNG. The Pink Nose Project. So simple! An idea that really sparks my imagination. [Thanks Leigh Baker]

‘Our Home’ usable litter sculpture

These creative portable litter cages surely must uplift the buzzability of an otherwise boring subject – bushland litter. Passersby can’t help but pop litter inside – becoming agents of the solution – and there’s also a need social norming effect as we observe how many others have done the right thing.

Well done Melbourne Water.

A playful community consultation method

Well done Amy Brand of Let Me Be Frank. A simple, accessible way for people to express their visions for an urban tree strategy.