High rorting consultancies

First, I want to say that, having trained teams of smart and honest public sector professionals for years, it’s profoundly satisfying to see PWC, EY, KPMG and Deloitte finally get exposed for their rapacious gouging on work that should always have been done by government professionals. 

Let’s see politicians and mandarins actually trust their public servants in future! And bouquets for Greens Senator Barbara Pocock for leading the charge.


More than a million people in France have attended these card-based community workshops for climate change education. It’s social, simple, tactile, visual, and doesn’t preach – effectively turning ‘education’ into a series of puzzles that people have to work out for themselves. And the card sets and methods are free. https://climatefresk.org

This New York Times article describes how it works: For a Trendy Night Out in Paris, How About a Climate Change Workshop?

Town Team Movement  

It’s a kind of Landcare for urban places – friendly locals rolling up their sleeves to love up their local areas. I first bumped into it in WA, where it originated. Now it’s spread to 128 Town Teams so far. https://www.townteammovement.com

For example, here’s one of the first projects in Perth: Native BeeScene.

Climate Budgets

Just one of those great systemic change ideas. Oslo City Council managers are given a dollar budget, and a climate budget, and expected to report against targets for both, mainstreaming climate action into their unit’s normal budget cycles. This is a beautiful example of upstream systemic intervention!


The best collection of facilitation methods I’ve ever seen – simply described and free. SessionLab is an online platform that mechanises the process of designing interactive workshops. It actually looks quite useful. https://www.sessionlab.com/library

A little citizen science

A clever example of citizen science I found at Bussleton Beach, WA:

And a here’s reminder about my two upcoming workshops:

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