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"Terrific. Lively, engaging, informative and highly useful."
- Environmental educator, NSW

Morning mini workshops

Change making skills for professionals and volunteers.
One morning each (8.45 am to 1.00 pm).
With Les Robinson. Via Zoom.

Register here.

The cost: $330 incl GST per workshop.

• When you book 2 or more workshops: 15% discount.
• Self-funded / community groups / NGOs: 15% discount.
(Both conditions = 30% discount!)

• VOLUNTEERS: a limited number of free places are available for passionate volunteer change makers. Please email Les directly to request a place, including details of your volunteer work.

1) Foundations of facilitation practice
(both live and online)

An enjoyable training session for professionals who have facilitation roles. It's dynamic and interactive, with role plays and safe practice (after all, facilitation is best learnt by doing it!).

  • Win your authority to facilitate any group, live or online
  • The seven skills to being an effective facilitator
  • A step-by-step model to devise a perfect session, in any context
  • On your feet skills to build engagement and comfort
  • Special tricks to keep energy, zest, and participation high in the online space

There is also time to discuss the social psychology of facilitation and share tips and tricks that work in different situations

(This has been a hugely popular course, especially during Covid!)

2) Devise a perfect interactive workshop

What makes a workshop great is – the right plan!

Workshop planning is a wonderful skill it it’s own right.

We’ll experience a step-by-step approach to devising engaging, satisfying, productive workshops - in any situation. Les shares his structured method that clarifies purpose, negotiables, timeframe, roles and authority, information and inspiration, and interaction methods.

We’ll especially practice the art of brainstorming and prioritising in the online space. An we’ll practice our new skills by working together to design and run real life online workshops that tackle wicked problems - proving the power of facilitation!

PLUS we'll get hands-on practice with the Zoom and Mural workshopping tools.

(A promise: you’ll walk away with hugely increased confidence to facilitate online.)

3) The psychology of behaviour change

A crash course in models and theories for change/action by populations and groups.

The starting point in project design is sound psychological thinking. We need ways to escape the box of our own unconsidered assumptions.

Les's entertaining crash course shares a collection of immensely valuable thinking models for behaviour change:

  • ‘bodies in motion theory’
  • self-efficacy and intrinsic motivations
  • the Diffusion of Innovations (i.e. buzz and the bell curve)
  • risk perception, denial and resistance

We’ll especially see how people's perception of risk governs their uptake of new ideas and practices.

Plus we’ll see how the 5 principles of ease, familiarity, visibility, normalcy and role models make all the difference when we devise projects intended to spark action or behaviour change in any group.

(People love this course – it answers so many questions!)

4) Rapid project generator + creative facilitation methods

Learn rapid facilitation techniques to design change projects - from large scale strategies down to small irresistible tactics.

Les's proven methods equip you and your team to rapidly design fresh change projects from scratch. They’re flexible, simple techniques with an infinite number of uses – the foundations of your change practice.

1) Rapid Project Generator
How to rapidly generate a change strategy to tackle the most complex or wicked problem.

2) Creativity methods to make your projects irresistibly engaging
Clever techniques that bring out the creativity of any group. They let you generate the exciting components that make your project noticeable, buzzworthy and playworthy.

Change efforts are best devised by more than one person. You’ll experience enjoyable facilitation methods that let you easily convert a group of minds into a powerful strategic and creative machine!

(This is where the rubber hits the project design asphalt – what we actually do!)

5) Messages for ‘yes’

How to create messages, pitches, and invitations people will want to say 'yes' to.

Successful change efforts depend, ultimately, on the right invitation from the right person.

With Les's assitance, we'll walk away with a host of message-making insights. Plus you'll craft your own sweetly crafted communication to the audience you care about.

The session covers:

  • Devising a sticky message.
  • The Iceberg Theory of Communication
  • Values, credibility, and the trust bank
  • Heroes and heroing
  • Answer those fears!
  • Mobilise passionate voices
  • The power of surprise
  • Urgency and rarity

Plus: you’ll get to play with a perfect formula to craft a behaviour change invitation!

(Really, this is the core of communication: the words that touch people's hopes and lower their fears.)

Note that numbers are limited to 19 per workshop so that each participant gets the right amount of attention.


Phone Les Robinson on
0414 674 676

Or email: workshops@enablingchange.com.au

About the presenter

Les Robinson is a specialist in community change and one of Australia's most engaging facilitators.

"Les is a great facilitator, excellent attitude and I appreciate the way he keeps things on track, interesting, fun and practical. Best facilitation I've seen in my year in this job!!"

- NRM facilitator, Gippsland

What they say about Les's courses

"Well done Les! Most valuable part was giving me a framework and structure that will allow me to build and own as my own."
- Facilitator, Wellington, NZ

"Fantastic! The manual will be the holy grail for a lot of us when it comes time to facilitate."
- NRM manager, Queensland

"Informative and valuable. On target for what is needed in our jobs."
- NRM officer, Victoria

"Upbeat, collaborative, energising."
- health promotion officer, NSW

"Fabulous. Gave me a structure to work in and a better understanding of how to engage people and get the best outcomes."
- Council planner, Victoria

"Found the focus on participants' prior (unknown) knowledge a wonderful way of opening people to their inherent skill."
- Environmental educator, Victoria

"Great! I've learnt a lot about how to communicate with community groups and how to confidently prepare myself."
- engineer, water utility, Vic

"All great deeds and all great thoughts have a ridiculous beginning." - Albert Camus

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