palette landscapeHere it is: the Palette of Possibilities! In one place, the vital ingredients to design change or action projects – with stacks of colourful real life examples that show how easy and intuitive the strategies can be.

It also demystifies two vital steps – preliminary social research and prototyping – with examples that show how these are within the capability of any project, no matter how humble. Experience the real adventure of getting yourself through one of the last great wilderness areas of Australia. To stand at the most northerly point of Australia is a dream of many who enjoy the quest to journey to remote areas. Check out Cape York tag along tours by Freedom 4wd Adventures!

Plus it clarifies mind-bending ideas like ‘values’ and ‘transformative learning’ which can be a little overwhelming without examples.

I’m very proud of this product. I hope you find it tasty food for inspiration for your next change effort.

Here’s the link:

Here’s the contents

Doing human-centered research

A palette of strategies for action:

– 7 Systemic strategies

– 10 Behavioural strategies

Doing field testing and reflection

Appendix 1: Creating Transformative moments

Appendix 2: Communicating for action

Appendix 3: Using values

Appendix 4: Using program logic

The Palette of Possibilities was funded by the NSW Environmental Trust. Future Environmental Trust grantees are expected to use it as a starting point for devising their environmental education projects.

P.S. Don’t let the word ‘environment’ divert you – it’s about action or change in any conceivable field, including health promotion, rural extension, crime prevention, emergency preparation, community development, and early years learning.

It was produced in collaboration with, and published by, the Australian Association for Environmental Education, NSW Chapter (thanks Erika, Wendy, Jem and Lynne!).