A nice post from Vivien Twyford, summarising a Harvard Business Review blog on the fears of collaboration. Good point!

We expect decision-makers to be open to partnerships and multi-disciplinary processes because they break down silos – the No1 way organisations destroy their capacity to make change – and they are just, well, the modern way to do things. But that discounts the natural fears of decision-makers.

Helping people manage their fears, by preemptively addressing them, is one of the main tasks of a change maker, so having a handle on those fears matters.

Here’s the list of fears, which, of course, involve worries about time, risk, conflict, wasted effort, and having to defend oneself against people who think differently.


Twyfords seem to be making a specialty of collaboration…check their blog: http://www.twyfords.com.au/our-blog/+collaborative%20governance