Jessamy Gee’s simple cartoon (with a slight amendment) nicely makes the point that we no longer need to convince people that climate change is scary and urgent – it’s on the news almost every night.

Thanks Jessamy Gee!

The urgent task now is to smooth the paths to action by presenting clear, simple, do-able actions within people’s capacity!

That’s the job of program designers and implementers: we need devise projects that present simple actions, create familiarity with exactly what to do, make the process social and fun, and build in multiple benefits. This is the practice of “action project design”.

Here is a 2 page primer on some of what works.

For those who want to be experts on action project design, the 2-day Changeology workshops is on in Sydney and Melbourne in April and May.

To make it easy to attend, we have two special discounts:

  1. A 50% discount for any team working on a real life climate action project (on a 2 for 1 principle: i.e. “bring a buddy for free”)
  2. Free scholarships for those VOLUNTEERING on real life climate action projects, (limit 6 per workshop).

Details are here.