A neat one-page summary of what makes a successful plaza, square, shopping strip, or park – the places that communities need to be communities.


Chicago’s Metropolitan Planning Council, in an effort called “Project for Public Spaces”, reviewed thousands of public spaces around the world and concluded that successful places share four qualities:

– they are easily accessible;

– they have a mix of uses and activities attracting different ages and interests;

– they are comfortable and have a good image; and,

– they are sociable places, where people meet each other and take people when they come to visit.” 


“Imagine the center circle on the diagram is a specific place that you know: a street corner, playground, or plaza outside a building. You can evaluate that place according to four criteria in the orange ring. In the green ring are a number of intuitive or qualitative aspects by which to judge a place; the blue area shows the quantitative aspects that can be measured by statistics or research.”